Spidey 3 Trailer on the CBS Network as Well!

It looks like you won’t be able to miss the Spider-Man 3 trailer anywhere on Thursday as we just received word from numerous scoopers that the clip will air on the CBS Network as well. ‘Greg Sanders’ writes:

I was just watching CBS and they aired that on Thursday they would be playing a Network Television Premiere of the NEW Spider-Man 3 Trailer. This also ties into the same day as what’s happening on MTV. It didn’t say during what show, like they would, but it could come on at any time.

‘Dragon’ adds:

I was just watching CBS and they announced a Spidey 3 “Preview” (I suppose they mean the trailer, but they said Preview) running on Thursday. They didn’t give an actual time but said it would be running during primetime, between Survivor, CSI and Shark. All the while they had the Spidey costume texture (Like during the teaser opening) moving in the background. So they might be arranging the schedule around the showing.

The above was echoed by ‘swingerbone’. Thanks for the heads up!

Source: Superhero Hype!