Hugh Jackman Talks Wolverine

IGN FilmForce talked to Hugh Jackman about his upcoming “X-Men” spinoff, Wolverine, which he hopes to release during a summer. Here’s what Jackman is looking for in the project:

“I don’t want the film to appear at all like X-Men 4 in disguise. I want it to feel like a very fresh, whole new character piece. I want it to be a character movie. And by the end of the movie, I want it to be that you definitely knew who this guy was. Cool action, great characters, but ultimately that you totally know who Wolverine is. Like Mad Max and Dirty Harry. Characters I loved. He’s a good guy, but he’s not a nice guy. He’s just the guy you want on your side. [David] really got that. He’s one of the best character writers in Hollywood. He totally got it.”

You can read the entire interview, in which he also talks about screenwriter David Benioff and when he could get started on it, at the link above!

Source: IGN FilmForce