New Ghost Rider Footage Revealed!

Ari Arad, special guest at the Hasbro Vault Party at the San Diego Comic-Con celebrating the toy giant’s new license to make toys based on the Marvel universe, shared new footage from the upcoming Ghost Rider flick starring Nicholas Cage as the title character and his human incarnation Johnny Blaze. The two scenes shown to partygoers were based around Johnny’s meeting with Mephisto (Peter Fonda) when he learns the price the devil demands for services rendered, and a humorous exchange between Cage and Eva Mendes where he tries to explain to her that he missed their dinner date the previous night because he has become the devil’s bounty hunter.

Fonda tells Cage to find him ‘one with a black heart’ and he would return his soul.

“I won’t do it,” says Cage.

“You don’t have a choice,” replies Fonda.

Fonda taps his crystal skull-topped cane on the asphalt and Cage’s hands become glued to the handlebars of his motorcycle. He tries to pull away, but cannot. The bike starts to rev up and eventually peels out and takes off at a super-high speed. As Cage flies down the street, as the vehicles and businesses he passes catch fire and glass is shattered. The high-speed transformation takes Cage past an unsuspecting policeman who has set up a speed trap. His radar gun fixes on cage and zips up past 190 miles per hour. The bike goes flaming past him and he is blown back several feet and the billboard he was staked out behind bursts into flames.

The scene with Cage and Mendes begins with Mendes looking for an explanation as to why she was stood up for a dinner date the previous evening. Cage struggles with the right words to explain himself. She assures him that she has heard and seen it all and that nothing will surprise her. So, reluctantly, Cage says, “I sold my soul to the devil.” He explains the entire situation to her, including his transformation into ‘a monster’ and she replies with making a claw gesture… “So tonight, you’ll ‘arrrrgh'”. He replies – “I believe so.”

The scene cuts to a full metamorphosis scene with Cage becoming Ghost Rider. He screams in pain and calls for his maker as his skin begins to smoke and bubble. Soon his skin burns away and his bare skull ignites. He is shown facing down a group of supernatural bad guys. At one point, he is blown back into a hanging chain that forms a noose around his neck, and is later seemingly crushed by a semi-truck… but nothing stops the Ghost Rider.

Source: Blake Wright