Leterrier Talks About The Incredible Hulk

‘Stéphane ARGENTIN’ from Ecran Large tells us they already got a chance to speak to The Incredible Hulk director Louis Leterrier after last night’s announcement:

We were able to get in touch with director Louis Leterrier this morning regarding The Incredible Hulk to ask him a few precisions about the project. He told us that he was previously in relation with Marvel to direct Iron-Man before the project finally went to Jon Favreau. Seeing Leterrier’s passion for Marvel comics, Avi Arad told him about this new Hulk and it took Louis less than half an hour to get convinced by the new orientation of the movie and agree to direct.

“We won’t be spending times presenting the characters, which is unfortunately pretty much unavoidable as far as number ones are concerned. Someway like Spider-Man 2, Marvel wants this Hulk to be the one fans would really want to see on the big screen. I’m not badmouthing Ang Lee’s movie which has its supporters but I think the tone was overall a little bit too serious. As far as the casting is concerned, we don’t know yet if Eric Bana will be onboard and regarding Hulk, I can already tell you that I don’t intend to use as much 3D as the first movie did. As for the budget, it will be over 100 millions”.

Source: Ecran Large