Simmons on Spider-Man 3 & More Sequels

J.K. Simmons talked to TV Guide about returning as J. Jonah Jameson in Spider-Man 3 and possibly making more sequels. Simmons says he wrapped filming two or three weeks ago. What’s your feeling on 3? Judging by the trailers, it looks darker.

Simmons: I think it pulls in a lot of interesting directions. Of course we’re a long ways from seeing a final version of it, but my stuff, we had a lot of fun doing. I probably had not as much to do as I did in the second one and maybe a little more than I had in the first one, but from what I saw the new bad-guy stuff is once again going to top its predecessor. In 2, we met Jonah’s son, who in Spider-Man lore evolves into a villain. But they’re not playing that card yet?

Simmons: Not yet. Hopefully there are plenty of cards to play for [Parts] 4, 5, 6…. I’ll do a Spider-Man for every two or three years for the next couple decades if they want. That’d be all right! Was there any talk of Spider-Man 4 on the set?

Simmons: Yeah, it got mentioned. In fact, the last couple of days I shot was at the very end of the schedule — we were doing some night-action scenes in New York — and [director] Sam [Raimi] was talking about it. It’s not a done deal because everybody’s deals, including Sam Raimi’s and all the actors’, was for three pictures. But he’s certainly open to doing more.

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Source: TV Guide