Blade: The Series Premieres June 28

Spike TV will premiere Blade: The Series on Wednesday, June 28th at 10pm. The channel recently held a contest won by Jason Bravener from Marshfield, WI who gets a night on the town in Vancouver and a visit to the set of the show. Ten runner-ups received the three feature films on DVD and “Blade” Oakley sunglasses.

In the show, set in Detroit, an ancient evil is growing bolder by the day. The House of Chthon is on the verge of eliminating the final barriers to their supremacy over mankind, and only the Daywalker can stop them. Half human, half immortal. His only allies are a master weaponsmith and a woman obsessed with revenge against Chthon. And he will top at nothing to win his war, because he is the ultimate vampire hunter. Blade.

Blade: The Series stars Kirk “Sticky” Jones, Jill Wagner, Neil Jackson, Nelson Lee and Jessica Gower.

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Source: Spike TV