Spider-Man by Gleb Melnikov
(Image Source: Marvel / Gleb Melnikov)

Amazing Spider-Man Sets New Creative Team as Zeb Wells & John Romita Jr. Exit

Zeb Wells and John Romita Jr. are bringing their landmark run on Amazing Spider-Man to a close. This has prompted speculation as to which creators will follow them on the flagship series. Now, Marvel has not only announced the new creative team, but a new story arc to kick off a new direction for Spider-Man.

The opening arc is titled The 8 Deaths of Spider-Man. It will run for ten issues. No other information has been released regarding the storyline beyond that and the creative teams working on it. However, Marvel has secured some legendary and talented creators to replace Wells and Romita Jr.

New Spider-Man creative team profiled

Spider-Man by Ed McGuinness
(Image Source: Marvel / Ed McGuinness)

The writing team on the Spider-Man books will include Joe Kelly and Justina Ireland. Kelly is a veteran writer of both Marvel and DC Comics, widely credited with revamping Deadpool into his current wisecracking persona. Kelly has also written lengthy runs on Uncanny X-Men, JLA, and Action Comics, including the beloved Superman story “What’s So Funny About Truth, Justice & the American Way?” Justina Ireland is relatively new to comics, but is a New York Times Bestselling author. Her work can be seen in the Star Wars: Sana Starros miniseries and the Amazing Spider-Man: Blood Hunt special.

The art team for the new storyline includes Ed McGuinness and Gleb Melnikov. McGuinness was Joe Kelly’s collaborator on Deadpool, before he became the monthly artist on Superman. McGuinness has also worked extensively on Hulk, Avengers, and Amazing X-Men. Gleb Melnikov is best known as a cover artist, but has produced monthly runs on Robin and Punchline: The Gotham Game.

The reunion of Joe Kelly and Ed McGuinness is sure to bring in fans of their acclaimed Deadpool run. However, Justina Ireland and Gleb Melnikov are also hot talents with their own fan followings. It seems the future of Spider-Man is in good hands.

The 8 Deaths of Spider-Man arrives in comic shops everywhere in Fall 2024.