Superman Returns’ Lois Lane, Kate Bosworth

Kate Bosworth stars as Lois Lane in director Bryan Singer’s Superman Returns. Superhero Hype! talked to Kate about the anticipated film:

Q: How was it working with Kevin Spacey again?

Kate Bosworth: It was a very different experience. Actually, it was just as wonderful and amazing. I love Kevin! He’s such a special person to me. But you know we played love interests. In “Beyond the Sea” he was my husband and in this one, he’s my archenemy. That was so fun for us to play on and laugh about. And in this one, as well, he… it was fun because in “Beyond the Sea” he was directing it and producing it and starring in it, so he dawned a lot of hat in that and was juggling a lot of balls. In this one I got to work with him as purely just on an acting level and that was really neat. And, I again am constantly impressed by Kevin, because he came in to do this film and he had six weeks and six weeks and not a day over because then he had to fly, on the last day of the six weeks, back to London and star that evening of a production at The Old Vic. So, in between playing Lex Luthor-where he’s brilliant-he would finish a take, go to his trailer, sit outside and be learning lines for that play. And I’m sitting there and I’m watching him saying, ‘Kevin, how are you doing this? How do you do it, I just want to know?’ He just wants to do it all and it’s constantly impressive to me and I just adore him so much.

Q: Did you know that he was suggesting you for the role of Lois Lane?

Bosworth: I didn’t know, not when it was going on, no, not at all. I went in and met with Bryan… I can’t really remember how I heard that if it was from Bryan or if… I know it wasn’t from Kevin-it must have been from Bryan. I’m sure I sat down with him on one of those first meetings and he said ‘oh, I spoke to Kevin about you.’ I can’t really believe that I’m sitting here and I got this experience and you know he… it’s really wonderful when you get to make friends and companions like I have with Kevin in this business. Because, as we all know, people who aren’t as constant and supportive and loyal.

Q: Are you familiar with the Lois Lane character from television and the previous movies?

Bosworth: Yeah, well, certainly I think every little girl loves Lois Lane. But, for me, it was really from the film…from Richard Donner’s film. I saw that when I was about six or seven, and it had already come about because I hadn’t been born when it was originally released. I don’t even think I was a glint in my parents’ eye. But I remember watching it and it’s a magical film and Superman is magical.

Q: Do you think this Lois is a little bit stronger?

Bosworth: Yeah, well I think that… certainly I didn’t think about that then. When I was given the opportunity to play her… you know there’s different elements involved in the script that’s not in… that wasn’t in that film. There’s a… obviously the element of her having a son is a complete um…you know…it would change a woman completely then when she doesn’t have to concentrate on someone else rather than herself. I think in terms of her being perhaps as you say so chaotic or bubbly or frantic, it was my choice because I just don’t… I couldn’t imagine someone being so unfocused when, although I don’t have children, I would imagine that your focus is constantly on that other person. So I think it forced her to mature.

Q: What was it like working with Brandon as the newbie?

Bosworth: Oh, he so did not need any tips from me. He was so unbelievably professional and he blew me away on many different levels but certainly on the professional level. And he’s in this skintight suit and the cape and his curl and all these things that had to be… no pun intended but hair out of place. And he had people constantly picking at him and prodding him and making sure the cape laid perfectly. Because of course it couldn’t flip over, you know that’d be… you couldn’t see that on the screen. So it was a constant pressure and focus on this person. And I just remember sitting there thinking… and I’m usually the one who is getting poked and prodded so much because I’m the girl… you know I’m sitting there thinking oh, thank god, it’s all on Brandon this time! And he was just so wonderful because he never once got impatient or frustrated-and especially when you’re doing a scene where it might be more emotional, and you get, there’s heightened emotions going on inside of you, and then when someone’s picking at you it’s just an easier situation to snap or get annoyed and he never did. And he would just kind of close his eyes and zone out and he was just constantly professional and lovely to everybody.

Q: Can you talk a bit about the dynamic between Superman and James Marsden’s character from Lois’ point of view?

Bosworth: It’s funny you know because I wish I could speak eloquently and clearly on love, but I don’t think it’s really anything that someone can have the answers to… and I think that everyone in life understands that there’s no reason to the heart, really. Superman is her great love. And as much as you try to push that away or if you’re hurt by that person or confused by them or disappointed, there’s no denying what you feel in your heart, and that might be the denial that you see on the surface. But inside of someone she’s… inside of her she’s…

Q: How do you think Brandon will handle all the attention from Superman? Do you have any advice for him?

Bosworth: Oh god, not from me. Again, he doesn’t need it. And that’s the simplest way I can put it. He’s just a lovely person and he’s not someone I see changing in anyway to the negative. He really is genuinely a wonderful down-to-earth just kind person. I adore him.

Q: How do you approach the talk show world and do you have any tips for Brandon on that?

Bosworth: This whole process of the talk show? I remember my first… it’s so funny because I don’t really think you can give anyone advice on it because it’s such a unique strange experience that even if you do when you’re in that moment and you’re about to go onstage on Letterman and he’s introducing you… I remember I thought, ‘oh my god, I’m going to faint, I’m going to faint right now, right this second. I’m supposed to be walking out and it’s going to be embarrassing.’ And it didn’t matter what anybody else had told me, I just thought, I’m starting to see spots and I’m gonna pass out right now. And so I think that I would just say be yourself. That’s all I could say and all the rest just hold on for the ride.

Q: When did you get comfortable with it?

Bosworth: I’ll let you know…

Q: Did you train for the flying? You wear a dress the whole time.

Bosworth: I know…all the ladies know exactly what I’m talking about. It’s beautiful to watch, it’s not the most comfortable contraption that I’ve ever been in. You’re in a harness, and over the harness is like a bodysuit kind of thing, and then over that is the dress-and I get claustrophobic really easily, so I remember just thinking I just can’t even think about this because even I couldn’t get this thing off if I wanted to, and that always freaks me out. The same as when I did “Blue Crush” I had to have a head-cast made of me and it was… you know just basically from here up [motions neck up] having plaster all around your head and just two straws sticking out of your nose and I remember just thinking, ‘just chill out, it’s going to be fine. It’ll come off at some point.’ And it’s the same… it’s just a strange feeling. And then the hanging… I felt worst for Brandon. I could deal with it but the pressure it gives on your lower body is just outrageous so… I had more sympathy to him than me.

Q: What about the scene in the water, was that you?

Bosworth: Oh, yeah! I mean that was all me. I’ve worked with water before obviously.

Q: But did you ever do it while wearing a formal gown?

Bosworth: Well, yes, I did have a couple scenes in the formal gown. But this one was much more…it’s being in a confined space as well. Obviously it’s a lot more action in terms of being thrown around and hitting my head and having those type of reactions as well. It was really fun to do on one hand because when I saw the playback for those action sequences it was exciting because you can see how the audience will get really involved with those sequences. But it was… it’s hard work. It really is. And then that is the moment where you start to feel more like a stunt person at some point. And I haven’t been on a film this big and I loved it but I love the independent films because it is such a… sort of… it’s an amazing experience because it’s so fast and you’re really in the… you’re sort of in the jungle with everybody else and just trying to figure it out. And with this… there will be three weeks where I’d just be kind of hanging from the wires. And you know maybe do one shot a day and I was just thinking… so the water part, a lot if it, you know… obviously when there were master shots where it looked great and those were the acting sequences it was fun but there were certain moments where I just thought, ‘so this is what it’s like to be on a big film…’ You have three weeks for one action shot. It’s crazy. It’s really insane.

Q: Would you do the sequel if they ask you?

Bosworth: Oh I can’t wait. I can’t wait.

Q: So you liked the experience?

Bosworth: Oh, I loved it! I absolutely loved it. That was really the only, and that’s just me loving what I do, being an actor. It’s the same thing. My stunt woman would look at me and say, ‘well I don’t know how you do what you do.’ And I would look at her and say, ‘I don’t know how you do what you do.’ And that’s kind of why we have our own professions… but I loved so much being on this film! And it’s exciting when you get to do a press junket and talk about something that you love in terms of the film, but also the people and the experience that was involved. It was such a really unique experience for me.

Q: What would you like to see happen in the next movie?

Bosworth: It’s funny you know because one of my huge fears is… I have flying so that was a pretty full-on experience for me, living out that nightmare. I had a dream about this, actually, I remember I had a dream-this was before I saw the film–and I had a dream that I was watching the film and I saw my character just jump off a building. And I remember watching going, ‘I never did that, wow, they must have added that in, that’s crazy’ in the dream. So maybe that…I don’t know maybe it would be fun to just do a full-on-obviously not really jump off a building-but have some kind of fun big fall.

Q: Did you like being a brunette?

Bosworth: Yeah, yeah.

Q: Did people treat you differently?

Bosworth: Yeah, they do. They do. I think whenever you change your appearance you get treated a bit differently. Yeah, I did feel a bit different.

Q: And what was it like being a mom?

Bosworth: That was amazing!

Q: Did you bond with the boy who played your son?

Bosworth: Yeah, I felt like he did become my stepson. I mean, he’s just a wonderful little person. I love him to death.

Q: You’re very maternal.

Bosworth: Good!

Superman Returns flies into theaters on Wednesday, June 28th.

Source: Heather Newgen