Exclusive Spider-Man 3 Set Photos!

Scooper ‘roald dahlia’ has provided Superhero Hype! with exclusive new photos of the Spider-Man 3 set:

Advertisements for Manhattan Memories, starring MJ. The banner on the bottom-left reads “Memories are made of this! – The Daily Bugle”…so that’s cool. The next three pictures are interaction between Tobey and James Franco. In this scene, Peter is walking out of the theatre, presumably having just seen Manhattan Memories, and Harry is waiting for him at the limo. They talk briefly (couldn’t hear the dialogue), and then Harry gets in the limo and, presumably, leaves.

The next two are close-ups of ads for the play, Manhattan Memories. They’re a little blurry, but good enough I think.

And finally…the spider logo on the side of Sam Raimi’s chair. I haven’t fiddled with these in photoshop, so this one’s a little washed out by flash.

Source: roald dahlia