Spider-Man 3 Tie-in Testing & Set Reports!

Scooper ‘Quixote’ sent in this bit on the testing for Spider-Man 3 promotions:

Looks like we can look forward to some Spider-Man toys and promotions with our Whoppers next summer. In the tradition of reporting any slightest tidbit of news related to our most anticipated movies, I submit to you some news on Spidey 3 Cross-Promotions. I belong to one of those survey sites, and was asked to give some opinions on concepts for a promotion at Burger King. It definitely ties in with Spider-Man 3. The examples shown were for a scratch-off game. One concept called it “Use Your Extreme Spidey Sense” while the other said “Which Spidey Suits You?” and had a split shot of the red costume vs the black one. So anyway, looks like Burger King is the place to be for Spidey fans next year.

And the New York set reports continue to come in. First up is ‘SuperPun81’:

Hey! I work on 43rd and Broadway in Manhattan and I just came from seeing them prepare the Spider-Man 3 filming on 44th in between 7th and 8th Ave. They have indeed transformed the theater to say “Manhattan Memories” starring Mary Jane Watson and and a few others. They have even hung up a quote from the Daily Bugle that says “Memories are made like this!” There’s a picture of Mary Jane in a white dress on the billboards. I had a chance to speak to one of the lighting guys. I asked him if they were setting up for Spider-Man and he replied Yes. He said that it would be a night shot. I asked if anyone (stars) would be on hand he smiled and said he didn’t know but for me to come back at nighttime. I saw another fan taking pictures so I’m sure they’ll be coming soon. I’ll try to take some in a bit but I can’t make any promises. So if you’re in the Manhattan area…check out the shoot at night!

UPDATE: ‘SuperPun81’ sent us this small pic of the theater signage:

‘Dudie’ added:

They did not get the helicopter shots on William St. on Friday night. Just spoke to someone in production who told me the helicopter came for 10 minutes and they’re trying again tonight (Monday). They also didn’t get all the shots they needed for the Spidey-Cam so they’ll be runnning it again tonight. They’re going to transform Chase Plaza digitally into a construction site.

Source: Superhero Hype!