First Spider-Man 3 New York Report?

Shortly after we posted this morning that Spider-Man 3 will be shooting in New York starting today, we received the following from ‘Ben Urich’:

I have a report to submit, thanks to a friend with a cellphone in Manhattan! She just called from 5th and 23rd (Madison Square Park). She said that she saw no evidence of any stars, but that there were many dogs in Spider-Man outfits, and that there was a wardrobe rack with many child-sized Spider-Man outfits. She *insists* that the dogs are not part of the shoot, but I told her she is out of her mind. She thinks that people just heard about the shoot, had pet Spider-Man outfits laying around, and decided to dress up their dogs and go down to hang around the shoot. I think it’s much more reasonable to believe that they are shooting some sort of “Spider-Man Day” scene, complete with dogs and kids dressed up as Spider-Man.

Source: Ben Urich