New Superman Returns Trailer Description?

Scooper ‘bobfx’ sent in this bit which he claims is what you can expect next week when the new Superman Returns trailer will be released:

I work in a local cinema and had the priviledge of compiling the new superman trailer that just came in ready for x-men next weekend and thought I’d give you a heads up description as to what to expect. It starts with an amazing shot of supes flying over a panoramic artic setting. It then goes on pretty much the same as the first except it focuses more on the smallville Kent farm at the beginning with a voice over of him explaining a little about where he’s been. There’s a wicked shot of Brandon as natural clark without his glasses looking out over the pastures. It then kicks off pretty much the same as the first trailer with a lot more teaser footage. Half way through we see more of the hovering over earth shot with a voice over saying that “you described the planet as not needing a saviour yet all I can hear is voices asking for help”. He then flies down to earth as seen in the first teaser trailer. We get to see more of the plane-save scene amongst other things. The final shot is the best though. A slow mo bullet fired at supes face as he casually walks towards the shooter. It hits his eyeball and melts as a normal bullet would if it hit something extremely hard, then drops to the floor, followed by a small grin! This was an awesome second trailer and can’t wait to see it again. Definitely can’t wait till July now!!!

We’ll keep you posted when the trailer comes online!

Source: bobfx