Shuler Donner on the X-Men Franchise

Lauren Shuler Donner has served as producer on all three “X-Men” films and caught up with the prolific movie creator recently. She wouldn’t give up any info to the X-Men: The Last Stand, but did say, “It’s a really good movie. It’s the best of the three. I can only tell you that. I think it’s going to be huge. I am thrilled with it. Just thrilled with it.”

As far as more “X-Men” films she said she hopes it happens. “Our original goal was to have like ‘Star Wars’, ‘X-Men’ 7, 8, 9 and 10 because there are certainly enough comics out there. And of course to have spin-offs. It would be nice as we incorporated new characters into each movie if they could continue to move on.”

Speaking of spin-offs, Donner did confirm Wolverine is in the works and wouldn’t say if a director is attached yet or if other characters from “X-Men” would appear in the film.

But, the industrious producer did tell us she’s trying to develop another comic book into a movie.

“It’s a DC comic. It’s for Warner [Brothers]. It’s ‘Metal Men’ which is much more like ‘Men in Black’. It’s miles away from ‘X-Men’. It’s lighter and it’s fun. A lot of CGI. That would be fun for me to try a whole did kind of comic.”

So what is it about X-Men that she loves so much?

“The ‘X-Men’ franchise is so far above everybody,” Shuler Donner said. “The characters are psychologically developed for all those years as compared to some of these other comics. It’s so hard to tell a comic book story. Especially the first one. The origins, because you actually have to speak to the non fans. You have to explain the world and the good guys and bad guys. What’s the overall story? They’re very hard. I tend to go no, no, no, no and stick within the X-Men world and I have another one we’re developing too. It’s like anything. There’s a lot of scripts out there but there’s only a few good ones.”

X-Men: The Last Stand hits theaters on May 26.

Source: Heather Newgen