Exclusive: First Look at Monarch of the Moon

Superhero Hype! has your exclusive first look at three images from Monarch of the Moon, which made its world premiere at the New York Comic-Con. Directed by Richard Lowry, the film will be released by Dark Horse Indie, the new independent label from Dark Horse Entertainment/Dark Horse Comics.

Dark Horse Indie is also behind “Driftwood,” directed by Tim Sullivan (“2001 Maniacs,” “Detroit Rock City”), and “Splinter,” directed by Mike Olmos and co-starring his father Edward James Olmos.

Monarch of the Moon is described as follows:

This is the battle to end all battles – pulse-pounding World War II action and intergalactic intrigue! Defending freedom and democracy is the incredible Yellow Jacket, Army fighter pilot turned winged superhero, now leading America’s charge against Evil! He must battle the deliciously deadly Dragon Fly and her Japbots, outsmart an infamous Nazi Scientist and destroy the demonic Doomsday Ray! Then Yellow Jacket and his team make a startling discovery – and must launch themselves into space where they confront the power-mad Monarch of the Moon! From Dark Horse Entertainment, this feature is an outrageous, special effects-loaded spoof of ’40s and ’50s serial films.

Source: Dark Horse Indie