Director James McTeigue on V For Vendetta

The official V For Vendetta website has posted a new interview with director James McTeigue. Here is the site’s intro to the interview:

Back near the end of filming, we sat down with director James McTeigue. This talk took place a mere five days before the wrap of principal photography, one day after three long nights of exterior work at the steps of the British Parliament. Working until the crack of dawn each night and wrangling hundreds of extras, it might be thought James would be tired. If anything, he was more energetic than ever, eager to get in with editor Martin Walsh to work on the just captured footage, and to get to the final days of filming, the sequence where V says goodbye to Evey for the last time (which is fun to note filmed at a decommissioned tube station in London, which happened to be without an elevator; to get to set over 150 steep steps had to be traversed. This went for both crew and the vast array of equipment, which made for long final days and incredibly weary thigh muscles). At this auspicious juncture in the timeline leading to the ultimate release of the film, James talks to many things, covering initial casting, the mask, the just finished Whitehall filming, and what it felt like to be in the final lap of such a long and large production.

Check out the interview here!

Source: Warner Bros. Pictures