James McTeigue on Making a DC Superhero Movie

A few years ago, director James McTeigue helmed an adaptation of Alan Moore and David Lloyd’s V For Vendetta and in recent months, there’s been talk of Warner Bros. maybe getting him to tackle one of their DC superheroes.

When ComingSoon.net recently spoke to him about his new movie Ninja Assassin which opens next Wednesday, November 25, we did broach the subject, and while he was non-committal about even preferring to work with one DC character over another, he did share some interesting thoughts on the subject of superhero movies:

ComingSoon.net: Over the last few months, there’ve been rumors about you being in talks with Warner Bros. about doing some superhero stuff. Is that something you’ve been seriously considering or would that not be possible if you do those other movies?

James McTeigue: I don’t know. I guess the thing with filmmaking is that you always have things in development and until you’re actually standing on the set and there’s film running through the camera or you’re committing something to a harddrive, I think the possibilities are always there. They’re so temporal sometimes, so yeah, I’d love to keep working with Warner Bros. We have a good relationship, and they let me make interesting films, so hopefully… you know, they’ve got the DC characters.

CS: Are there any you’d be interested in? “V For Vendetta” was based on a DC graphic novel (sort of) but it wasn’t superheroes and it was outside that world, it was its own thing. But a movie based on one of DC’s superheroes would involve a lot more history.

McTeigue: Yeah, it’s funny with the comic book genre. It used to obviously be the subculture but now it is the culture, so I keep wondering whether there’s going to be some sort of critical mass reached with the comic book genre. I’d love to pick another one. It’s kind of like trying to find the right one, but there’s plenty out there.

CS: I guess what’s happening after last year with “Iron Man” and “The Dark Knight,” everyone is waiting to see what the next big comic book movie is going to be. Those were so good that it created a watermark that will be hard for anything after that.

McTeigue: Yeah, the point where a comic book hero makes a billion bucks at the box office, you go, “Yeah, so it’s definitely not a subculture anymore.” There’s a lot of people willing to see those movies, but yeah, I dunno, there’s always something interesting coming out, like “Sucker Punch,” I think that will be a good one. I guess Matthew Vaughn is making one, “Kick-Ass”?

You can read the rest of the interview over on ComingSoon.net.

Source: ComingSoon.net, Edward Douglas