Stonehenge: Rise of the Druids is Coming!

Castlebright Screenwriting Studios has announced the formation of its comic book division with the release of its first book Stonehenge: Rise of the Druids. Created by Jay Douglas and Nav Gupta and based on the screenplay by Andy Diaz and Superhero Hype!’s own Heather Kenealy (aka ‘Dew k. Mosi’ on the SHH! Boards), Stonehenge: Rise of the Druids is the first part of an epic story of good and evil set to span three movies and transform the mundane sleeping world into a mystical place of magic, mystery and monsters.

On the Salisbury Plains of England, Stonehenge has stood for five thousand years, guarding a secret that is about to be broken, and a betrayal of trust is going to change the world and everyone in it…every one except one man who carries within him the power to restore it to the way it should be. Only question is, what’s in it for him?

Wizard World Los Angeles will see the debut of this new and exciting comic book, with Issue Zero, the Convention Exclusive issue, with the ongoing series to hit shops worldwide soon.

Written by Heather Kenealy, with art by Leeahd Goldberg, Stonehenge: Rise of the Druids, is the first product of Castlebright’s commitment to storytelling in a new and unique way. With round table screen writing, and collaborative efforts that turn words into poetry and action into adventrue, Castlebright Studios and Castlebright Comics are about to stand the entertainment industry on its ear!

Source: Castlebright Screenwriting Studios