More on the Superman DVD Collection

‘Gustavo’ wrote in with some summary items from Warner Home Video’s chat with The Home Theater Forum about the upcoming Superman DVD box set:

From the Warner chat on HTF last night on the 14-disk Superman DVD Box Set

No definite release date for the Superman 14-disc collection except that it’s before X-Mas.

Superman Returns will be a part of the 14-disc Superman collection.

We will be releasing both the extended cut of SUPERMAN THE MOVIE (the one on DVD now) and the original, shorter theatrical version as well. Further, we will be releasing both the SUPERMAN II theatrical cut, and the “Donner cut” both in the box, or available singularly. Lastly, SUPERGIRL is coming, but SUPERGIRL will not be part of the 14 disc SUPERMAN set.

We have located all the footage for SUPERMAN IV, and will be

including a great deal of deleted scenes. But no change in the version.

You can read the full chat transcript here.

Source: Gustavo