Superhero Fan Films Screening in LA

Fan Film director Aaron Schoenke who brought you the fan favorites Batman: Year One, & Batman Madness… now Aaron and his Bat in the Sun Productions have done it again with PATIENT J.

In the basement of Arkham Asylum, a desperate Psychologist has secretly set up an interview with the mass-murdering Joker. As the Clown Prince of Crime reflects on the key moments of his life, the interview drifts into a game of manipulation that flirts with life and death.

“I continue to be amazed with the strides Aaron makes as a filmmaker with each new movie, I cannot wait to see his next offering and I sincerely believe he is a director that we will be hearing alot from in the future.” -Grant Curtis (Co-Producer of Spider-man 1 & 2)

Directed by Aaron Schoenke, Produced by Sean Schoenke, Starring Paul Molnar and Kurt Carley.

‘Patient J’ will be featured at the Shrine, Comic Book and Science Fiction Convention – 700 West 32nd Street Los Angeles, CA – Screening starts at 12pm, the cast & crew from Bat in the Sun Prods. will be present to talk about their latest fan film.

Be sure and tell Aaron that you saw it at the HYPE!

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