Ben Foster Talks More About Angel

VH1 has posted more quotes from Ben Foster on his character, Angel, in X-Men: The Last Stand:

“Archangel is not a crystal-meth-addict skinhead,” the affable young star grinned, comparing his “X-Men” role to his “Alpha Dog” one. “I just get to fly around all day. I think the fans are gonna be pleased.”

You can find the full interview at the link above. 24 Hours Vancouver also says the cast will be back in the city for some reshoots:

Sir Ian McKellen, Patrick Stewart, Halle Berry and other cast members of X-Men 3 are expected back in Vancouver shortly to re-shoot some scenes for the epic sequel.

Crews spent months making the flick in and around Vancouver, sparing no expense on lavish sets.

Source: VH1