X-Men ’97 Consulting Producers Share More Details About the Revival Series

X-Men ’97 Consulting Producers Share More Details About the Revival

Last year, Marvel Studios and Disney+ announced X-Men ’97, a revival of X-Men: The Animated Series that will pick up where that show left off. And while the X-Men won’t be back until next year, consulting producers (and co-creators of X-Men: TAS) Eric and Julia Lewald, have confirmed a few new details about the revival.

Via ComicBook, the Lewalds were interviewed by Justin Underwood on YouTube. And during their chat, Eric Lewald also stated that the series will premiere in the middle of next year.

“I believe they’re looking at 10 episodes for the first season that’s going to come out mid-next year. They’re starting it soon after ours ended,” said Lewald. “They want it to be an extension [of X-Men: The Animated Series]. Whoever it is doing this new show is going to make it their own, no matter who is involved in it. There is great love and affection and respect from an entire group of people that are doing this show, starting at the top with Beau DeMayo, who’s the showrunner.”

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“They could have just said, ‘We’re just going to do a new show,” added Lewald. “We have friends that were part of other very successful shows, and when they get rebooted, not a phone call, not a card, not a bit of recognition, just, ‘We’re going to do a new show.’ In this case, they were all nice and respectful enough. We said, ‘It’s your show. We’re here if there’s a red flag,’ but we’re on for that, or maybe some ideas of things we’d like to see. But really, it’s their show. You can tell by the design. It’s the same but slightly modernized, slightly a bit more beautiful, five times the money spent on it. Not that we’re bitter (laughs).”

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