New X3 Pics & Vinnie Jones Talks More

Scooper ‘Lightning Strikez!’ tells us that these new X3 pictures, which you can view below, showed up online:

Just wanted to pass on these new X3 pics of Storm, Callisto, Psylocke and Stacy X, Brett Ratner & The X-cast, and Angel. These have leaked onto the internet recently. It appears that Storm (Halle Berry) is wearing a new navy X-Men uniform without a cape. I’m not sure if this means the old leather uniforms will go obsolete at some point in the film or not; time will tell. The other shot features our first glimpse at Stacy X and Psylocke in costume! The third still shows Brett and the gang for a posed group shot. The last one is of Angel and appeared in Entertainment Weekly.

Meanwhile, ‘Ryan’ says Vinnie Jones again confirmed he has signed for X4 and X5:

I have some exciting X-Men news. I was watching the entertainment today channels on ITV’s GMTV and they were interviewing Vinnie Jones at his children’s charity avent where he was auctioning off his movie chair.

Of course, they asked him about the upcoming X-Men movie and he replied by saying about the long make-up process and how his character has some good one liners.

Then, just as the interview was finishing, he said he is looking forward to work more as Juggernaut as he has signed for X-Men 4 and 5. I was pleased to hear this news and I hope that it is true that the X-Men phenomenon won’t end with just three movies.

Source: Lightning Strikez!, Ryan