James Franco Talks More About Spidey

iFMagazine also got a chance to talk to James Franco about Spider-Man 3 this weekend and here are some clips:

“We start this week,” says Franco. “[We’re shooting] mostly in L.A. At Sony [studio]. And then we always do exterior shots in New York here. It’s about a five [month shoot] I think. That’s pretty long actually — longer than most movies.”

“You have to do wire work and all of that stuff, but the experience of getting into character is the same,” says Franco. “Yes, it’s a comic book, but the people in Spider-Man aren’t acting like they’re in a comic book. They’re acting like they’re in the real world. Tristan is based on a legend, but we’re not acting like we’re in a fantasy land. We’re acting like real people who live in that world. So that’s the same thing.”

You can read the full interview at the link above.

Source: iFMagazine