Patrick Stewart on Professor X

Empire Online caught up with Patrick Stewart who talked a bit about Professor X in X-Men 3:

We asked him about a potential Dark Phoenix plot to the film, to which he looked very mysterious but wouldn’t give anything away except for a rather intriguing smile. (A Dark Phoenix shaped smile? Oh go on…) He did however drop a few tantalising tidbits about Professor X’s fate in the second sequel: “You’d need about an hour to hear all about it. There are going to be some changes. Professor X is now very, very startling, very surprising. It’s all very exciting.”

Meanwhile, tells us they’ve learned of a new actress in the third film:

XMF’s Robert has learned that Makenzie Vega has just finished filming a unspecified role in! Her credits include Brett Ratner’s Family Man, Made, Saw and Sin City. Her agent confirmed to us that she is in the movie but had no idea what part Makenzie is actually playing. She said the production are extremely secretive about giving out details even to her.

The site also has news on the casting of a younger Magneto, which you can read about at the link above.

And guess who was up for the role of Gambit in X-Men 3? “Lost” star Josh Holloway.

Source: Empire Online, A1ant