New X-Men 3 Casting and Updates reports that Cameron Bright (“Godsend,” “Birth”) will star as Leech in X-Men 3:

Just to let you know that it is official as of today…..Cam booked the role of Leech in the next X-men movie. The script is hush hush so I cant say much more as that is all I know. He will be shaved bald though and he is looking forward to that.

Halifax’s The Coast talked to Ellen Page about landing the role of Kitty Pryde in the third film. Here’s a clip:

“It’s just so huge,” she says. “It just blows my mind. I’m so used to doing tough, intense material in like 18 days or 24 days, for not much money. It’s truly the complete opposite of anything I’ve ever done.”

Hit the link above for the full interview. is also reporting that the X-Men 3 production might film in Washington, DC.:

Sources tell XMF that X-Men 3 might be lense in Washington, DC possibly near a major monument! We have no information on what type of shoot this may be, first or second unit, but we do know that producers have already been in touch with the District of Columbia Film Office.

Source: Superhero Hype!