More X-Men 3 Casting and Updates

BMI reports that actress/singer Kate Nauta (“The Transporter 2”) is up for a role in X-Men 3, as a “sexy mutant who secretes a special pheromone to seduce men.”

Also, the Calgary Sun says Canadian country singer Beverley Mahood has a small role in the third installment.

Meanwhile, has sent new updates as well:

The Santa Clarita film office told XMF that X-Men 3 (which started photography today) will be filming some of their special/visual effects in Santa Clarita over the next month. They are also doing miniature FX work at the same location. They are filming interiors and exteriors.

All this is taking place on private property, so it looks like we won’t be getting set pics from this shoot. The film office added that they are very happy to have the team and are looking forward to the new movie.

There’s more updates, such as international release dates, tie-in shows and Amazon products, at the link above.

Source: Superhero Hype!