Midnite and Manute to Return?

While talking to Michael Clarke Duncan and Djimon Hounsou at the press junket for Michael Bay’s new film The Island, Supehero Hype! asked them about the chances of their supporting characters returning for the sequels to two of the most popular comic-book based movies of the spring.

Hounsou brought the character of Papa Midnite to life in the Francis Lawrence-directed Constantine earlier this year. There hasn’t been much in the terms of sequel talk, even though it was relatively successful, so we asked the Oscar-nominated actor whether he has been asked to sign on for a sequel.

“I would be very interested,” he told us enthusiastically, “It’s a cool character and I think that the character needs to be a little more defined and developed about how he came about to be who he is in that world and how he is able to mingle within that world without being affected. I’m looking forward to that, but there’s no talk that I know of yet.” He wasn’t too happy hearing about the character’s untimely demise in the Garth Ennis-written comic book.

Duncan played the crime boss Manute in Frank Miller’s Sin City, and since his character also appears in Miller’s “A Dame to Kill For,” we asked him whether or not Rodriguez has contacted him about appearing in the sequel, Sin City 2, scheduled to come out next summer.

“They don’t have [the story] in a certain order,” he told Superhero Hype!, “so you might see me in another Sin City before that one. It jumps back and forth and all around, and you never actually see my character die. You just assume that he got shot up and that he’s dead, but they told me that they would never show him dead because they want him to come back. He’s supposed to be this supernatural being that can always come back.”

In the meantime, you can see both actors in The Island, out on July 22.

Source: Edward Douglas