Spider-Man 3 Villains Revealed?

With Thomas Haden Church and Topher Grace already added to the returning cast of Spider-Man 3, might we soon get more casting announcements?

Scooper ‘The Calculator’ tells us a rumor that in Spider-Man 3 you may see four villains! With that many, you would think that not all four could be major villains in the third installment, which may concentrate mostly on just one or two. We don’t really know at this point what is going to happen.

So who are those nasty rogues? Sandman, Hobgoblin, Vulture and Venom.

We’ll keep you updated if any of this is confirmed or debunked. Sam Raimi will start principal photography on Spider-Man 3 in January for a May 4, 2007 release.

Source: The Calculator