Michael Keaton on Batman Begins

ComingSoon.net spoke to Batman and Batman Returns star Michael Keaton about the upcoming Batman Begins:

When asked about the forthcoming Batman Begins, Keaton was ecstatic about the film’s quality.

“I’d think it’d be good…It’s a really good cast and [Christopher Nolan is] a really good director. I would think it probably is good.”

Keaton then revealed he hasn’t seen a “Batman” movie since his own, Batman Returns.

“I’ve never seen (the “Batman” films) since I did mine. Not interested. I have no interest. It’s not complicated; people don’t seem to believe me. I’m just not interested. I only fill my life with things I’m interested in.”

Visit the link above for more of the interview, in which he mentions he’d be up for a “Beetlejuice 2”.

Source: ComingSoon.net