Description of the ET Batman Begins Clip

‘IzzyJG99’ sent in this description of the Batman Begins clip which was shown on Entertainment Tonight yesterday:

This may or may not have been posted already, but I think I’ll tell you guys anyway. Not only did Entertainment Tonight air the sixth (or is it seventh?) TV Spot for Batman Begins but they also showed a scene where Katie Holmes’ character first meets Batman.

The scene is with Katie getting off the above ground subway at a very small, and seady stop. Some men try to mug her, but she tasers one of them. As she turns to taser the second attacker behind her she sees that he is gone, and finds Batman perched on a guardrail. She freaks out and shoots her taser at him. A cool CGI effect occurs where the prongs dig into the leather coating of the Batsuit and sparks and electrical whisps. Batman doesn’t even flinch or get phased.

Obviously the suit is insulated against electrical attacks as well. The scene is clearly condensed down and ends with Katie saying “Who are you?” and Batman replying in his…dark voice…”Someone like you.”

Source: IzzyJG99