Bryan Singer Talks Superman

Bryan Singer appeared on AMC’s Sunday Morning Shootout with Peter Bart and Peter Guber and talked about the Superman movie. You can watch the video clip online here in Windows Media format. Here’s ‘Mike’ with a short summary:

I was watching on AMC (american movie classics) today and Bryan Singer was on along with Michael Mann. The guys on the show asked him questions on the movie but one interesting tidbit was when it was pointed out it was going to be released June 30th 2006. Also, they asked him why he casted an unknown actor, he replied on the fact that he seemed like the person to do it and Bryan Singer casted Brandon Routh himself.

Meanwhile, Superman-V has another report and pictures from the Ketn Farm set:

Casey Someone is back with more greatness from Kent Farm set!! It is believed that some filming has already begun and that second unit has been filming shots. Principle photography is 5 days away so lots of stuff it going on at the Breeza Plains.

Visit the link above for the report and pictures.

Source: Superhero Hype!