New Ghost Rider Set Reports!

Scooper ‘Speds’ checked out two of the Ghost Rider sets in Melbourne and sent us two reports. The Mark Steven Johnson-directed comic book adaptation stars Nicolas Cage and will be distributed by Columbia Pictures:

I went and checked out two sets being used/built for Ghost Rider.

The first I checked out was near the corner of Lil’ Lonsdale St and Elizabeth st. An alley off Lil’ Lonsdale house two Garage/Petrol stations while Lil’ Lonsdale St has the rear of the garages which are being used as shop fronts. One of the shop fronts is a TV repair place.

I was really impressed at the look of these buildings. The surrounds were burnt out barrels, discarded tyres and so on.

Next stop was the Cemetry in Carlton. There wasn’t much to look at in terms of set but there was a big catering/lunch tent and plenty of trucks there including trailers for “Blackheart”, “MSJ”, “JB Make Up”, “Caretaker” and so on.

Security were patrolling both sets and were real nice.

I asked the security guy at the cemetry when they were filming there next and he said they were at the Docklands studio today (Sunday) and back at the cemetry on Tuesday. So I figure its a night shoot so I’m heading back down tonight.

I’ll report back if theres anything new.

Then here is the second part:

I checked in at the cemetary set again last night. VERY different to Sunday’s venture down because it was all action.

Approaching the cemetary, at about 10pm, driving down the road you could massive lights deep in cemetary. This was exciting but also a little depressing because the cemetary in massive and it looked as though they were deep in it meaning we wouldn’t get to see much.

The same truck’s and trailers filled the road only this time there were people busying around working.

We walked the length of the cemetary walls trying to get a glimpse and alot of these areas were DARK as hell and full of bats… add in the cemetary on the other side of the fence and it made for a scary place to film a movie.

All the action seemed to be taking place outside a small haunted looking chapel which was in the centre of the cemetary.

The highlight of tonights visit was that I got to peep inside the wardrobe trailer which housed about 5 trenchcoat type jackets, plenty of leather jackets, boxes of studded stuff like belts and bracelets and 4 tubs that said – Johnny Blaze, Ghostrider, Roxanne & Caretaker.

I thought it interesting there was a Roxanne tub because I thought Eva Mendes wasn’t due in Australia for a few more weeks.

I also spied someone eating McDonalds in Blackheart’s trailer…. OOOOH!

Worth a mention to was that there was an Australian Movie Livestock truck there too which had a light brown almost white-ish horse and a jet black evil looking horse… So I guess we’re getting horses in the cemetary scene.

Source: Speds