Marvel Debuts a New Zombie Ghost Rider to Fight the Incredible Hulk

Marvel Comics is debuting a Zombie Ghost Rider to fight the Hulk.

Announced during Marvel Comics’ Heroes, Hulks, and Super-Soldiers panel at San Diego Comic-Con on July 21, 2023, Incredible Hulk #6 will introduce a brand-new Ghost Rider who also happens to be a zombie, as reported by AIPT Comics. The issue is written by Phillip Kennedy Johnson and features artwork by Nic Klein.

The solicitation for Incredible Hulk #6 reads, “Attack of the zombie Ghost Rider! Charlie reminds Bruce that he’s more than a man on the run – he’s an Avenger, a hero. And heroes help people. When their travels lead them to a Texas town under attack by dreaded monstrosities known as war devils, it’s time for the Hulk to step in… but he rouses an undead Spirit of Vengeance from his eternal slumber, summoning a 100-year-old Ghost Rider to ride down the Hulk!”

Marvel’s Incredible Hulk Series Is Introducing All Kinds of New Monsters

Following the events of Immortal Hulk and Donny Cates and Ryan Ottley’s Hulk run, Johnson and Klein’s Incredible Hulk series officially launched in June 2023. The series sees Bruce Banner on the run as he attempts to repress the Hulk’s psyche; however, the Hulk is also attempting to gain full control of Bruce’s body once and for all.

At the same time, a woman called the Eldest has called upon all the monsters living within Earth-616 to go after the Hulk. Incredible Hulk #1 contained a brief tease of Zombie Ghost Rider, as a decaying hand arose from the ground next to a flaming motorcycle when the Eldest sent her call out. Solicitations and cover art for upcoming issues hint the Jade Giant will soon have to battle Man-Thing, a creature called the Swamp Siren, and more.

Incredible Hulk #6 features cover art by Klein. The issue releases in November 2023 from Marvel Comics.