The Kent Farm Set for Superman!

The Northern Daily Leader has published a great article revealing the location of the Kent farm for Bryan Singer’s Superman:

SUPERMAN is coming to the north-west, complete with a small army of Hollywood extras.

A property near Breeza is being transformed into the Kansas family farm where the young Clark Kent grew up before becoming the Man of Steel.

While filming of the Warner Bros Pictures movie is not expected to start until March, the wheels are already in motion with construction underway of a complete Kent farm replica, 45km from Tamworth.

Click here for much more on that set. Also, Sci Fi Wire spoke to Smallville executive producer Miles Millar, who says The WB show and the upcoming movie won’t conflict.

At least one of the studio’s edicts—that no Kryptonian characters be shown on-screen—is still in place, according to Millar. “Jor-El will feature later on this season,” he said. “He’s not going to be [on screen], but we’re cool with that now. It’s fine.”

Millar confirmed that the voice of Superman’s father will once again be provided by Elektra actor Terence Stamp, who also played the villainous General Zod in 1978’s Superman movie and its sequel, Superman II, and voiced Jor-El in Smallville’s second and third seasons.

Visit the link above for more of the article.

Source: The Northern Daily Leader