Avi Arad Talks About Hulk 2

Scooper ‘Kevin Roegele’ tells us that Avi Arad talked to Total Film magazine about Hulk 2:

Bigger action, smaller Hulk in sequel says Avi Arad.

February’s Total Film magazine features some new information from Marvel’s Avi Arad. He confirms that Hulk 2 is in progress, and a few intruiging changes that will be made from the first film.

“In the next movie, Hulk 2, the Hulk will be smaller. If you make him 15-feet tall, there’s no human connection there…..Right now we are still developing the sequel. I think the key thing is to come up with the right story.”

The article also says we are promised, ‘less angst and a lot more Hulk smashing,’ and that Bruce Banner will become more comfortable with his big green side.

Source: Kevin Roegele