Batman Begins Trailer in Theaters

Just a reminder that the new Batman Begins trailer is hitting theaters this weekend with select showings of Blade: Trinity and is attached to Ocean’s Twelve. ‘Munier Sharrieff’ got an early peek and writes:

Just came back from seeing Blade Trinity (good movie by the way), but what really got things off was a certain trailer…BATMAN BEGINS! Wow, was not expecting it until Friday. First off it is jam packed with new footage, the only shot I can remember from the teaser is of young Bruce falling into the cave. The new footage includes Bruce’s ninja training, the Iceland duel, Bruce in the cave filing away on a batarang, spraypainting his armor black. They are also some cool night time action shots as well. Intense acting, well written dialog, this is gonna be a bona fide winner!

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Source: Superhero Hype!