Raimi on Upcoming Spider-Man Sequels

TV Guide chatted with “Spider-Man” franchise director Sam Raimi who gave an update on Spider-Man 3 and says he might return for a fourth.

TVGO: Give us the goods: What’s going on with Spider-Man 3?

Raimi: I’ve just finished the story with my brother Ivan, and we’re now working on a screenplay with Alvin Sargent. It will pick up where the second one left off, and it’s about the budding relationship between Peter and Mary Jane now that she knows who he is. It’s still a love story.

TVGO: Who will be the villain?

Raimi: We’re still trying to figure it out.

TVGO: You think you’ll do a fourth movie?

Raimi: I think there are going to be a lot of Spider-Man films, and I’d be thrilled to work on all of them.

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Source: TV Guide