Chicken Little Moves Away from Fantastic Four reports that – with the announcement by Disney/Pixar that they are moving back “Cars” to the summer of 2006 – Disney has decided to push back it’s CG-animated “Chicken Little” as well from July 1 to the November 4 spot.

That’s one competitor gone for 20th Century Fox’s Fantastic Four, but the Paramount juggernaut “War of the Worlds,” from Steven Spielberg and Tom Cruise, is not going anywhere and is sticking to its June 29 release date. A teaser trailer will come online for the film on Friday, so we’ll get a good look at what the Fantastic Four are up against.

Let’s not count out Batman Begins either as competition for the Fox adaptation, as Warner Bros. opens the movie just two weeks earlier on June 17 and it might still be pulling in solid numbers at the box office when the Fourth of July weekend comes around.