The Metropolis Superman talks Superman

Long time friend of SHH, Scott Cranford has made it his job to BE Superman. Recently Scott got the chance to audition for the new Superman film, now he’s written about his experience.

When Warner Brothers announced they were making a new big screen version of Superman, I knew this was the moment I had long been preparing for. I had already spent many years in Hollywood pursuing a career in the Superhero entertainment business. I created many original superheroes and had written several superhero screenplays. I would also go out for any roles that had to do with the superhero genre. Playing the Man of Steel was something I was already experienced in.

I sat in the waiting area with two other 6’2″ gentlemen with blue eyes and black dye jobs. In contrast to the McG Superman office, which looked like a mini version of the Super Museum in Metropolis, there were only subtle hints of Superman. Above were a row of clocks with different time zones — New York City, Los Angeles, and Metropolis, my favorite city in Illinois…

You can read the entire piece at the SupermanHomePage.

Also check out the artwork of Cranford as Supes by the great Steve Stanley!

Source: heroicworld