Tambor Eager to Return for Hellboy 2

Sci Fi Wire talked to Jeffrey Tambor, who played Dr. Tom Manning in Hellboy, who says he’s ready to come back for the sequel. Here’s a clip (with a spoilers if you haven’t seen the film):

Jeffrey Tambor, who played BPRD agent Dr. Tom Manning in this year’s hit Hellboy movie, told SCI FI Wire that he is signed for a sequel and is eager to return. “I am signed,” Tambor said in an interview. “Whether they pick that up, I think they will, thank God I’m alive. Some people didn’t make it, you know what I mean? Thank God there was that last little thing they filmed [where I’m] going, ‘Hello? Hello?'” Tambor’s character was left trapped deep inside a mountain at the end of the first Hellboy movie, but apparently survived.

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Source: Sci Fi Wire