THQ Inc. Confirms Jane Voicing Punisher

THQ Inc. today announced that Tom Jane, star of The Punisher movie, will continue his search for ultimate retribution by lending his voice to The Punisher video game, coming to the Sony PlayStation 2 and Microsoft Xbox in January 2005. The company announced a PC version is being developed in tandem with the console products and is scheduled to launch simultaneously. The Punisher, developed by THQ’s internal developer Volition Inc, will feature Marvel’s darkest antihero Frank Castle as he takes on his greatest enemies from a history that spans over 30 years.

Jane brings a unique perspective to a character with an equally unique style of street justice. While Jane will contribute his voice, the character model will be based on Volition Inc.’s interpretation of the classic Punisher character.

“Thomas Jane’s contribution to the game reinforces our goal to incorporate the best of everything Punisher,” said Dan Cermak, vice president of product development, Volition Inc. “He will help ensure the game rips Frank Castle from the pages of Marvel and brings him to life.”

Source: THQ Inc.