Review: Marvel Legends Future Fight Punisher 1:1 Helmet Replica

In both the Star Wars Black Series and Marvel Legends line, Hasbro has been gradually adding a series of in-scale, wearable helmets. With Star Wars, the options are far more obvious, as the property is full of helmets fans have always wanted to wear. With Marvel, it’s a bit different. I’m not sure which fans if any have always wanted the customized War Machine helmet worn by the Punisher in Marvel’s Future Fight video game, but here it is. And frankly, you probably should not wear this anywhere in public unless it’s a full cosplay function. Future Fight Punisher may be a hero, but to cops, anyone wearing this IRL might look more like a terrorist or potential bank robber.

My head is a massive size 8, so a lot of “one size fits all” hats…don’t. Thus far, however, all the Hasbro replicas have. For smaller heads, there’s a removable headband that locks inside the helmet. The back panel opens out to help get your head inside, but once in, it’s easiest to have someone else close it properly for you. It’s tough to find the right tabs just by touch.

Batteries go inside the chin, and connect to the light-up eyes through metal touch points. The face plate doesn’t flip up like in the movies, but is attached with magnets and can pull off to be repositioned in the “up” spot. Doing this breaks the circuit connection and activates a clanging sound.

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When the mask is down, a button inside the helmet activates the eyes, which light up via a variety of small dots in the eyeholes. They feature three brightness settings, and seeing through them is doable.

Taking an interior picture is harder, but I tried. The initial turning on of the eyes activates a power-up sound, though hitting the button again to adjust brightness does not.

Use as a Halloween decoration might not feel out of bounds. This is, after all, a robotic skull with light-up eyes. Yes, it’s a repainted Iron Man helmet, but repainted spooky. It’s gonna look good on a shelf, whereas you might look too bad with it on your hand.

Aso notable: it isn’t very comfortable. Unlike the X-Wing pilot helmet Hasbro also makes, the Future Fight Punisher helmet contains no padding. Frank Castle with that martyr complex of his glorifies suffering, perhaps. I’m highly unlikely to wear this again, ever, but it looks great on the shelf next to other busts.

This review sample was provided by Entertainment Earth, where it will currently run the buyer $99.99. For more images, check out the photo gallery below. Does this Future Fight Punisher helmet belong in your collection? Let us know in comments below.