Future Fight Punisher in War Machine Armor Gets Hot Toys Treatment

As featured in the Marvel: Future Fight video game, the Punisher is a toy goldmine. He’s both a badass variant and a relatively easy repaint of whatever War Machine figure a given company has already done. Furthermore, even Tony Stark would admit that nothing makes the Iron Man suit pop quite like a big skull on the faceplate and chest. Now, taking the armor effect even further, Hot Toys‘ 1:6 figure includes diecast parts.

From the official description: “Made from diecast material, the figure measures about 32.5cm tall, is crafted based on the appearance of The Punisher in the game, features a newly developed head sculpt and an interchangeable helmeted head with LED light-up function, armor painted in metallic color with white skull motifs and weathering effects, LED light-up repulsors, a mini-gun on shoulder, an articulated back-mounted shoulder cannon, multiple fire effect accessories and a figure stand.”

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In the game, multiple dimensions collapse, forcing heroes to battle alternate versions of themselves. Later, they must all band together to stop Thanos from destroying reality itself in an attempt to impress Death. The War Machine Punisher’s marketability game got strong afterward. Thus, Hasbro immortalized him in both action figure and helmet replica form.

Check out the gallery below for more looks at the armored-up Frank Castle. This fancy figure might punish your bank account balance, but looks well worth it. Will you bring the iron vigilante home? Let us know in comments below.