Perlman & Blair on the Hellboy Sequel

OutNow.CH had a chance to talk to Ron Perlman and Selma Blair during their promotional stay in Zurich, Switzerland. In Selma Blair’s interview she talked about the sequel…

ON: Are you going to be in part two of Hellboy as well?

SB: Yes. I will be in part two! How can I not be, you evil man? Liz has her strengths finally. She would better be in part two! I’m signing on to do it and I think we are shooting in one year. Probably in Prague, maybe Berlin even.

ON: Can you tell us already something about the storyline?

SB: Top secret. I swore myself to secrecy. I think it’s going to be very beautiful. And Liz is going to be much more powerful in this one. She has to be. She sure didn’t bust out a lot of moves in the last one in the end.

Perlman, on the other hand, says that he’s being kept in the dark…

ON: But Part two of Hellboy seems to be settled already. Can you tell us something about it?

RP: They don’t let any of their secrets out on me. I think that they really regard me as this 14-year old irresponsible adolescent, who the minute is told a secret to, is just going to be blabber all out on the internet. I’ll probably find out about it, as we are shooting.

Thanks to ‘Roland’ for the heads up.

Source: OutNow.CH