Chicago Sends in More Batman Reports!

We’re expecting these reports to start slowing down a bit with filming winding down in Chicago, but before that happens we received several more excellent reports about the Batman Begins filming. We’ll start with scooper ‘Gotham City Vice’ who sent in some amazing pictures along with the report…

Saturday morning i decided to go to the Batman Begins Set a top of the 7 floor parking Garage off of Wells. I got there around 3am, and i got there just on time. From my secret location i was watching all the action. The scene involved 2 batmobiles, The one just sitting next to two cars, and the other being chased by 3 GPD squad cars, 1 of the squad cars had a camera on the trunk of the car. The Batmobile being chased seemed to be a stunt one, because it was a smaller one. After the chases scene they filmed the full version of the Batmobile and the pyro guys added smoke, and a crane lifter had a big spotlight, which i believe was used for the helicoptor search light. The cool thing i saw, was that they built like a mini railroad for the camera to move during the scene. It was getting close to 5am, and i was about to leave then i noticed something cool. Next to the garage they put a spot light on the building and some smaller lights, and the crew had a camera that swayed from the garage to film the rooftop. It was the next builing east of the one they used for filming the bat signal scenes. Then out of no where the caped crusader popped out, that was cool as hell, at that point i really felt like i was in Gotham City. They where filming a scene where Batman stood at the edge of the building and posed like all superheroes do. and there was a string on him, i wasnt sure if that was his support wire, or what made his cape glide with the wind. You guys will Love these pics…

Meanwhile, ‘squintweed’ has more on Monday’s filming…

Just got back from seeing the first four runs of the Batmobile in Waukegan.

They have closed off the Amstutz Expressway from Rt. 120 to Grand Ave. and are using this to film chase scenes with two helicpoters (one filming and one marked “Police” with a spotlight on the Batmobile).

They began running right at dusk and seem to be making runs about every 20-30 minutes. They were there last night into this morning and will continue tonight and tomorrow night until 5-6am. The Batmobile was very easy to spot as it had the helicopter spot on it and it was being chased by 5-6 cop cars. There was one time when the cops

‘lost’ it only to be passed by it.

The Expressway is pretty well light and they use both the North and Southbound lanes with much traffic. It is very cool to see the Batmobile weave in and out of traffic being chased by cops and two helicopters about 30 yards above the street!

We did get some info that tonight they were going to film a crash scene with one of the Batmobiles (apparently there are 4 on the set). It is supposed to happen in a landfill like area just off of the Amstutz, north of Greenwood.

We had a great vantage point, a public parking garage on Sheridan. You can park there for free and then see about 1/3 of a mile of chase scenes go by. There are only two taller buidings in the immediate area that could give better views but in the open we were at eye level with the helicopters. They will be doing it all Tuesday night too! See ya there.

Speaking of, check out what ‘James’ sent…

FMFE has just posted a Quicktime video along with photos of the August 15th filming of “Batman Begins” in Waukegan, IL. The video features clips of the overall filming, along with new looks at the Gotham City Police squad cars and helicopter, and of course, The Batmobile, all in action.

Don’t miss that at the link above.

Source: Superhero Hype!