The Wayne Bentley & More Batman Reports!

‘Ivyleague3’ has sent in another excellent Batman Begins set report from Chicago (includes minor spoilers)…

I was once again hanging out around the Batman shoot on Tuesday and happened to walk past the Wayne Bentley. On a closer inspection, I found some really precise stickers from the city of Gotham.

Anyhoo, I showed up fairly late (12), way past the helicopter shots and happened to notice a great deal of commotion around a parking garage. Thankfully, the PA’s had all left and I took the elevator to the top floor of another parking garage, this time no one was there to kick us out. To my surpise, they were filming the Batmobile chase on top of a garage about a block down from where I was standing. Let me put it this way, the Batmobile is one precise piece of machinery, it reversed into a perfect park in between two cars going really fast and stopped on a dime (for a second I thought it would crash through the side of the parking lot and fall off the roof). After two GPD cars arrived, the Batmobile sped forward and out of the camera. I left at about 3 and they were still shooting the exact same scene.

Scooper ‘ZeRoTeK’ provided us with the following pics of GPD cars which have seen some action…

Also, ‘GothamCityVice’ also sent in the following report…

Last night I went scouting between Lasalle and Wacker near Lake street, a word of advice never let them see your cameras, because then they will get suspicious,the security guards are kool, but the guys in the construction outfits, think they own the streets. I noticed they were taking lots of equipment to the top of a small parking garage, then as I was driving the Batmobile passed me up with a bunch of Chicago P.D. squad cars, I took some cool pics of the Batmobile going through Downtown traffic. I managed to get atop of a building to get a look what was going on top of the parking garage. They had the batmobile up there, a bunch of Gotham City squad cars, and they had the actors and directors chairs set up on the roof. Then a helicoptor began hovering the set. I had a good view of everything and even saw a crap load of lighting everywhere,on the streets, on top of the buildings etc. When I got down from the building another Batmobile turned the corner. Then the wanabee guys in the contruction vests escorted me out.

Source: Superhero Hype!