Wonder Woman 10 cover by Daniel Sampere
(Image Source: DC / Daniel Sampere)

Wonder Woman #10 Reveals Hilarious Batman Fun Fact

The Batmobile and Invisible Jet are two of the most iconic vehicles in all of comics. Both Batman and Wonder Woman are famous for their rides and their families of sidekicks. However, Wonder Woman #10 by Tom King and Daniel Sampere reveals an amusing fact about the Dark Knight and how he differs from the Amazing Amazon in one respect.

The action of Wonder Woman #10 finds the titular heroine in trouble. Abducted by a new villain called The Sovereign, Diana is stranded on a deserted island with a starving Cheetah. This leaves the three Wonder Girls, Donna Troy, Cassandra Sandsmark, and Yara Flor, to search for their missing mentor.

The good news is the three heroines know where Diana’s Invisible Jet is parked. The bad news is this does nothing to help them get inside it or fly it. Hilarity ensues as they struggle to get airborne and start searching for Wonder Woman. In the midst of this, a funny fact comes out regarding Batman and the Batmobile.

Wonder Girls Have Trouble With Invisible Jet in Wonder Woman 10
(Image Source: DC / Daniel Sampere)

Batman hides his car keys to avert Batmobile joy rides

Donna Troy claims that Batman hides his keys every morning. Her source on this is Dick Grayson, aka Nightwing. Apparently the Dark Knight is so fearful of his sidekicks stealing his car that he takes special steps every morning to prevent this from happening.

While this might be a joke on Nightwing’s part, there is good reason for Batman to be concerned. Multiple stories have centered around his junior partners taking his car out for a joy ride. Perhaps the most famous example of this was in Batman Forever, where Alfred had to interrupt Bruce Wayne’s date to inform him that Master Grayson had taken “the other car.”

Damian Wayne steals Batmobile
(Image Source: DC)

Unfortunately for Batman, hiding his keys is not much of a solution. Damian Wayne was able to hotwire one old Batmobile in one story. The Teen Titans (led by Tim Drake) were able to steal another. Wonder Woman just avoided the issue entirely by not teaching her sidekicks how to fly her Invisible Jet. Yet even that didn’t stop them from eventually figuring it out.

Wonder Woman #10 is now available at comic shops everywhere.