Batman and Robin 10 cover by Guillem March
(Image Source: DC / Guillem March)

Batman and Robin #10 Reveals the New Skill Bruce Wayne Taught Himself

Bruce Wayne would be the first to speak of the importance of a good, well-rounded education. To become Batman, he mastered many disciplines, from martial arts to forensics. More importantly, he never stopped learning, and continued to educate himself to be the World’s Greatest Detective. However, he has also applied that drive to fatherhood, and taught himself another skill because of his son, Damian Wayne, the current Robin.

Batman and Robin #10 by Joshua Williamson and Nikola Čižmešija pit father and son against multiple threats. These included Man-Bat weaponizing the bats of Gotham City, and a new villain called Shush. Though Shush later escaped from police custody, Bruce Wayne thought it fitting to celebrate their victory with something special.

Batman is Now a Vegan Chef

Calling Damian from his room, Bruce led him up to the roof of Wayne Manor. He had a table for two waiting, along with the dinner he had cooked for them both. Making reference to an earlier issue, where Damian had surprised him by cooking breakfast, Batman said he thought it only fair that he prepare a meal or two himself. This was a challenge, however, as Damian is a vegan, and has a strictly regulated diet.

Bruce and Damian Wayne have vegan dinner in Batman and Robin 10
(Image Source: DC / Nikola Čižmešija)

Thankfully, Batman has always been one to rise to a challenge. As he noted dryly, when Damian expressed his surprise at the meal before them, “if I can learn every skill on the planet, I can learn this one too.” While Alfred Pennyworth may have had a better handle on balancing the dietary needs of the Bat-Family, Damian appreciated the sentiment and the effort. The short scene was the perfect coda to the current Batman and Robin storyline. Beyond being a sweet scene, it established that Bruce and Damian are truly becoming father and son, and not just crime-fighting partners.

Batman and Robin #10 is now available at comic shops everywhere.