Reports From Sunday’s Batman Begins Filming

The endless supply of Chicago Batman Begins set reports continues with word on what went down Sunday night. First up is ‘Gothamite’…

We were downtown last night. They were filming a large scene in front of the Merchandise Mart at Franklin and Wacker involving Gotham Police SWAT, Gotham Police Cars, and Gotham PD on horseback…the entire Gotham Force and a large cast of extras. Security kept us back about a block so it was hard to see. However, it was very exciting to be down there watching it all. As we were leaving, we passed an alley just east of Franklin and saw four Tumblers. Three were under tarp, but one had the tarp peeled back and there were some personnel beside it. We managed to walk right up to it and got an eyeful before we were told that we weren’t supposed to be there. Out of respect for the crew, we left promptly. I didn’t get a photo, but we all know what they look like anyway. I know it was geeky but I couldn’t help myself and the word “coooool…” just came out. The personnel we ran into were all very nice and I highly recommend all fans to try to make a trip down there!

‘typeorocks’ confirmed the above by saying…

They filmed on the bridge over chicago river franklin street. There were tons of gotham cars and swat cars. Even a GCN 26 news truck!! They filmmed a scene with about 10 police cars driving really slow over the bridge following them was about 20 swat team members jogging…. and behind them were the SWAT trucks. Then more SWAT members with shields in hand. And then behind them were GPD cops on horses. I watched them film it 2-3 times. Also mixed in the scene I noticed a girl walking with SWAT members she stopped in front of the camera and was talking to SWAT members and pointing. (like giving orders or something) she wasn’t wearing a uniform..and NO it was not katie holmes. I got a good look at her. This scene looked like a parade… they were moving very slow.

Source: Superhero Hype!