UPDATE: Latest Batman Begins Updates

On his official website, actor Rutger Hauer has posted a picture of himself as Richard Earl and actor Linus Roache as Thomas Wayne on the set of Batman Begins. Just click the link above and scroll down to see it. (and no, that’s not a real poster for the film).

Meanwhile, ‘Jo Spam’ sent this to the Hype! over the weekend…

There are signs in our neighborhood that filming for Intimidation Game will take place on August 3rd in the Uptown Chicago neighborhood. The streets involved include Leland from Racine to Broadway. Broadway from Lawrence to Wilson, and a few other surrounding streets. Information signs hang in the windows of the new Borders (check it out by the way, it’s a nice one) and other area businesses.

And ‘Tools’ has more on the Batmobile…

There are three ‘Tumblers’ on the Intidimation Game film here in Chicago. I drove on Lower Wacker Drive on Friday at 7PM and I saw three of them parked one in front of another. They did a bad job of trying to covering them up with tarps and what not… Count them… 3 Tumblers!

UPDATE: ‘StarzGuy’ actually has confirmed for us that there are 5 Tumblers for the shoot in Chicago, not just 3!

Source: Superhero Hype!